Hearts Expand By Expressing Gratitude

Each interaction we have with people opens a metaphorical circle. Simple interactions, like those we have passing a stranger on the street, cause the circles to open and close quickly without much work on our parts. But those interactions we have with people in which something significant takes place create larger circles with larger openings.Continue reading “Hearts Expand By Expressing Gratitude”

“You Have Been the Victim of a Random Act of Kindness”

For over 25 years I’ve facilitated kindness classes and throughout this time, it seems, participants in the classes have most enjoyed and felt good about those kindness actions they completed anonymously. One of my favorite kindness stories comes from when I was facilitating an in-person intergenerational kindness class in a Seattle retirement community in theContinue reading ““You Have Been the Victim of a Random Act of Kindness””

Four Steps to Finding Happiness & Purpose

Over the years as an educator, I often told my students what I think is a pretty sound strategy for being happy and feeling purposeful. I told them it’s a secret, but really it’s not. It’s pretty simple, although lots of things conspire to make it complicated. Here’s how it works: 1) Identify something youContinue reading “Four Steps to Finding Happiness & Purpose”