“Andy Smallman changes lives! Do you do a class for adults?! Absolutely brilliant.” – Parent

“You are quite an inspiration to me. Sometimes we don’t know the lives we touch. You have touched many lives.” – City Council Member

“You were teaching us to be ourselves.” – 10-year-old Student

“Andy was amazing. I listened in on the class and wanted to take notes throughout just on the way he spoke to the kids. He was patient and kind and challenging, too.” – Parent

“I have participated in several of Andy’s activities and find them helpful and gratifying.” – Adult Client

“Andy made each child feel safe and comfortable so they could share their experiences.” – Parent

“Thank you for offering your classes. My son looks forward to them. I am grateful, as a mom, to have him be able to find a group of boys led by a gentleman. Your classes and guidance fit into the beliefs I try to guide him into growing to be a better man.” – Parent

“Andy Smallman is a child whisperer. During ‘the time of Covid,’ Andy is a calm presence and thoughtful teacher who is keeping kids mentally healthy.” – Parent

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