Three Steps to Move Someone You Love to Grateful Tears

Dr. Martin Seligman is the director of the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Seligman is widely considered the founder of the modern “positive psychology” movement, taking up the reins left by the likes of Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers. What Seligman does is study mental health rather than mental illness, providing peopleContinue reading “Three Steps to Move Someone You Love to Grateful Tears”

Research Shows How We Can Achieve Peace on Earth

Back in 2018, the “Wall Street Journal” published an opinion piece called “A Senseless Act of Courtesy” (note, you’ll need an account to read the whole article). The subtitle works as a decent summary of the so-called “senseless act:” “In an empty parking lot on a Sunday morning, an elderly couple decide not to hogContinue reading “Research Shows How We Can Achieve Peace on Earth”

Provide for Another Something You Want to Experience

Back in September of 2001, I was offering an online version of my original kindness class, what I call “The Practice of Kindness.” Per usual, the first week’s assignment was to do something kind for yourself. A couple of days after sending out that assignment, the attacks of September 11th took place. So here IContinue reading “Provide for Another Something You Want to Experience”