Attend to Wonder

If you get a cut, how is that it can heal? In biting into a fresh apple, how is it that it was grown? In smelling a flower, how did it get its fragrance?

Cutting-edge research shows that attending to awe and wonder not only feels good, doing so has a direct positive benefit on health and life expectancy. When we are moved or touched by nature, art, and spirituality, we lower our levels of a protein that tells our immune systems to work harder.

As a result, we become healthier.

Attending to wonder opens us to the marvels taking place around us all the time, thereby triggering a wider awareness of positive events. You’ll feel purposeful, connected, and engaged.

Published by Andy Smallman

I work to promote ordinary activities that awaken kindness, cheerfulness, thoughtfulness & awe, helping people connect to their true nature and increase peace in the world.