Andy Smallman helps you develop the self-awareness tools needed to gain clarity on your goals and mastery over your life.

Feel a deeper sense of belonging while having your individuality honored by Andy’s expert mentoring conducted through individualized dialogues (online or in-person), workshops, and classes.


  • As a human being, you are called to discover and journey toward your true self and to bring your unique gifts to the world.
  • Moving toward what you want is a more positive and productive action than moving away from what you don’t want.
  • Fully living your life in the present is the best preparation for living a life of meaning in the future.
  • Identifying something you want to achieve in the future that excites you in the present is an ideal motivator.
  • Learning to “sense and respond” generates more opportunities than creating a “long range plan.”

Andy Smallman is the visionary and founding director of the Puget Sound Community School, an independent school in Seattle for students in grades 6-12 that helps them build on their strengths and nurtures their intrinsic motivation. Along with the mentoring work he’s done over the years with adolescents, Andy is known for his efforts to promote kindness, has been the officiant at numerous weddings, has facilitated evening & weekend workshops for adults, and is regularly sought out for counsel. In everything he does, Andy helps people see the awe both inside and all around them. Meet Andy via video here.

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