There are People in the Country Besides Politicians

The title of this essay comes from a quote from journalist Charles Kuralt: “It does no harm just once in a while to acknowledge that the whole country isn’t in flames, that there are people in the country besides politicians, entertainers, and criminals.” -Charles Kuralt I find the quote to be centering, concerned as IContinue reading “There are People in the Country Besides Politicians”

Recognizing Our Common Humanity

I regularly encourage people to recognize there are always positive things taking place and to find ways to contribute to them. I think this is especially important right now due to the polarization and divisiveness we are all experiencing. In short, it’s important to notice, remember, and contribute to the good stuff. For this article,Continue reading “Recognizing Our Common Humanity”

The Secret to Slowing Down Your Negative Reactions

I’ve been thinking lately about times when I’ve jumped to an incorrect conclusion. Like everyone, I take information I have about an event and I respond to it. But when my responses are negative or hurtful, this can be bad. This is especially so when my reactions are based on faulty information. So it’s helpfulContinue reading “The Secret to Slowing Down Your Negative Reactions”

Kindness is Out There Just Waiting to be Found

I once facilitated a high school literature class that included reading Annie Dillard’s book “Pilgrim at Tinker Creek.” Dillard begins chapter two by sharing that when she was a small child she’d sometimes hide a penny in her neighborhood for someone to find. She’d write out directions with chalk that lead to the penny, withContinue reading “Kindness is Out There Just Waiting to be Found”