Services & Costs

Give what you can, take what you need.

I believe in the concept of abundance, that when I give, I will also receive.

Out of respect for human interdependence and so anyone interested in my services will have access to them regardless of means, I invite you to pay what feels right based on your situation and considering my goals.

To honor my life’s investments and goals, my recommended rate is $125/hour for individual sessions and $225/hour for groups and workshops. If you are blessed with abundance, please consider a larger amount to offset those who cannot pay the recommended rate.

Thank you for advocating for yourself and honoring my needs.

Initial Conversation/Consultation – Free!
I’m not only pleased but excited to chat with anyone who thinks my services could be of some benefit to them or someone they know. Contact me and together we’ll set up a time to chat — by phone, video conference, or in person.

1 Hour Private Session
My most popular service is to spend focused time chatting with my clients in a one-on-one format. My approach is based on the belief that there is an expert within us that simply needs the right conditions to be activated. Can take place via video conference or in person.

1 Hour Session for Parents
Parents, those of my younger clients and otherwise, have found benefit in consulting with me about parenting issues. For parents of my clients, it’s important to recognize that this is not an invitation to talk to you about my sessions with your children. Can take place via video conference or in person.

Speaking, Workshop, or Class
Tap into my decades of experience and talent facilitating groups, both large & small and across a vast age range. My focus is on topics related to kindness, positivity, and wonder, as well as on parenting issues and how to build nurturing communities. Some examples:

  • Introductory Kindness Workshop
    Held over two 60 minute sessions scheduled approximately a week apart, I will help participants identify the kindnesses that already exist in their lives. In the first session, we’ll engage in dialogue and I’ll “assign” a kindness task for participants to complete in advance of the second. In the second session, I will help them contextualize how they completed their tasks. The sessions work in tandem so it’s intended for people to attend both.
  • Cultivating Awe Workshop
    Research shows that cultivating awe and wonder in one’s life not only feels good, doing so has a direct positive benefit on health and life expectancy. In this workshop and talk, I guide participants in learning simple ways to be awed by life and, as a byproduct, to improve their health. I’ll provide opportunities to appreciate what may at first seem like ordinary things, things people are taking for granted. I’ll explain ways to counteract our natural “negativity bias” while feeling part of something larger than ourselves. Cultivating awe opens us to the wonders taking place around us all the time, thereby triggering a wider awareness of positive events. Participants exit this workshop feeling purposeful, connected, and engaged.
  • Joyful Parent, Joyful Child Workshop (for Parents)
    How do we raise children in a way that helps them maintain their inherent curiosity and intuition, giving them the time to hone it with the wisdom that comes from life experience? How do we, as parents, maintain the joy of parenting, recognizing the beauty of everyday parenting? In this 90 minute interactive workshop, I help parents answer these questions and more.

Wedding Officiant
I can help provide you a personalized wedding ceremony based on the values you hold most dear. This service includes at least two hour-long dialogues in advance of your wedding to help me get to know you and your wedding wishes, as well as participating in the wedding rehearsal and, of course, the ceremony itself.

Note, I’m happy to provide services in addition to those listed above. As an experienced educator, I’ve mentored teachers, consulted with schools, worked as a mediator, and have experience with restorative justice principles. Please feel free to contact me if you think I can be of service to you.