In this Two Minute Tip, I talk about the benefits of engaging in a gratitude practice and share one of my favorite ways of doing so. Want to be happier and boost your immune system, practice gratitude!

Here’s a powerful breathwork strategy that in less than a minute can help anyone calm down. Use this strategy when you’re nervous, when you find you’re getting or have gotten angry, or anytime you want to center yourself and regain control.

“Moving toward what we want is an act of positive engagement. It is a way to embrace life, to love what is coming. Moving away from what we don’t want is an act of negative retreat. It’s a defensive way to live, to be motivated by fear.”

“Benevolent Awareness has to do with training ourselves to recognize the positive things going on around us so we anticipate and respond to situations with goodwill.”

“I believe opportunities to be kind are being presented to us all the time.”

“Instead of a negative reaction, here’s how you can have a more positive one!”

“Every second of every day we are offered opportunities to see meaningful things.”

“When we live life as an unfolding process, we are open to the unexpected, excited by what might come our way. There is a natural trust that comes from within us, trust that positive things are going to happen for us. Life is joyful. Opportunities abound.”

“Celebrating your flaws, finding what positives they provide you, will lighten your load. You might even discover a hidden strength that has always been there, just waiting for you to see it, reframe it, and appreciate it.”

“Wholeness, like 5/5, 10/10, is anything over itself. Learn to align your numerator with your denominator.”

“What I hope to do is help people connect to their true selves.”

“Discipline is about helping people develop something from the inside out.”